Bridge Worship Service

Welcome! If you are new to the area or to our church, we are delighted that the Lord has lead you to get to know us through our website. Young Meadows exists to be a vibrant disciple making church that radiates the gospel to Montgomery and to ends of the world. The Bridge Service exists to support and manifest Young Meadows’ vision by providing a place for the mature and immature Christian to worship all the while seeking to provide a home for a contingent that some churches largely neglect: the unchurched, dechurched, and rechurched of Montgomery.

1. Why do we call the service the Bridge?

The Bridge received its name because the leadership of Young Meadows is convinced that there are large gaps in the church at large. The hope was that the service would serve to bridge those gaps so that more and different folks would come to know and grow in Christ.

2. What are the gaps that were identified?

  • Age Gap: in large part, the church of Jesus Christ is experiencing an exodus from the church of adults in their twenties, thirties, and forties, leaving a gap between children/teens & mature adults.
  • God Gap: some churches have stressed the love of God to the exclusion of the holiness of God, and have thus made it easy for God to accept everyone. We believe that love and holiness should be kept in balance, and as a result a large gap(e) exists between God and sinful man that can only be bridged through Jesus Christ, the focal point of every service.
  • Gospel Gap: often believers understand Christ’s past death as well as their future reign in Heaven, but a huge gap exists in their life as to how those truths bring meaning and purpose to their life.
  • Cultural Gap: many churches forget that the unbelieving world may not understand or fully comprehend much of the language used by the church.
  • Historical Gap: our hope is to blend and update ancient traditions into modern context.

3. What does a typical order of worship look like?

Each Service begins with a passage of Scripture or song that reminds us of the reason that we’ve come: to worship God in Christ. After a brief prayer calling upon God to join us in worship, there are songs intended to stir our hearts to praise, followed by a time where we confess our faults and failures to God. This confession time is followed by more singing, a prayer for those in our congregation or in our world who are hurting, followed by a sermon. At the conclusion of the sermon, we come to the Lord’s Table to be restored and renewed by God’s faithfulness to us. The service concludes with more singing and a word of blessing spoken over the congregation.

4. What kind of music is played?

Though the Bridge service does play more contemporary music using instruments such as guitars and drums, we refuse to abandon the rich lyrics of classic hymns. We ultimately desire a blend in our choice of music, mixing both sacred hymns with Christian contemporary music.

5. How should I dress?

Truth is that the answer to that question is probably much more important to you than it is to us. We would encourage you to wear that in which you believe you can worship God. For many attenders, that means blazers and ties, but for others that means jeans and tshirts.


Serving Him Together,

Jay Joye, Assistant Pastor

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