Marriage & Family

No other institutions are perhaps under more attack in the 21st century than marriage and the family. Young Meadows is convinced that the family is indeed one of the greatest evangelistic tools that the church has at its disposal.  The lost world around us is longing to see what a healthy and vibrant family looks like, and the Scripture has provided all of the insight that one needs: it must reflect the gracious and glorious character of our loving God.  That means husbands must love their wives as Christ has loved the church and that wives should submit to their husbands as the church does to its loving head.  In addition, it means that fathers and mothers are called to parent in the same manner that God our Father parents his children.

In an effort to equip and encourage spouses and parents in this battle Young Meadows engages in the following:

Family Social Events

Fellowship and outreach opportunities that occur throughout the school promote fun and fellowship within each family and the church family as a whole. 

Family Partnerships:  Young Meadows insists that the primary role in the rearing of covenant children is the parents but that the church has an esteemed privilege of assisting them in that endeavor. Beginning this fall, each youth’s parents will counsel with Young Meadows’ family minister to determine areas of spiritual maturity and immaturity so that a plan can be devised to see their youth grow to be mature in Christ.