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Young Meadows is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and the world.


We believe that being a part of God's mission involves five different missional categories:

  • Evangelism - In an effort to do evangelism, we partner with local ministries like Child Evangelism Fellowship and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • Global Missions - In an effort to engage in global missions, we partner with missionaries across the globe, from Haiti to Africa.
  • Social Compassion - In an effort to engage in social compassion, we engage in local partnerships like Brewbaker Intermediate School, Friendship Mission, Rooftop Friends, First Choice, Life on Wheels, and Daughter by Design.
  • Christian Vocation - In an effort to consider Christian vocation, we host conferences like 2nd Half Ministries Conference to help in discernment of calling.
  • Distinct Christian Community - In an effort to live in distinct Christian community, we engage in life on life relationships through small groups.

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Rooftop Friends Disabilities Ministry 


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