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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Mothers of Preschoolers begins its 5th year at Young Meadows. This group that began in 1973 offers support and encouragement through the parenting journey. The international organization partners with churches and organization in 60 countries to provide an uplifting, supportive program for parents.

The Young Meadows group will meet in the Fellowship Hall on the first and third Tuesdays of each month September through May. Childcare is provided by Young Meadows. 

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"We only spent a year in Montgomery for a military school, but we instantly felt part of the family.  We'll be lifelong friends with people from Young Meadows.  Jay teaches straight from the Bible and is fired up about the gospel.  The church truly understands the challenges of military life and took great care of us.  You’ll be at home at Young Meadows!" Lt. Col. Tripp Johnson, ACSC

We want to welcome all of our military families to Montgomery. We know that transitions can be difficult, and we would love to help you in any way that we can

Date Night: Need a date night after your big move? Our high school and college students will offer free childcare as you transition to town. To make arrangements or get more information, contact Anna Wamsted, (334) 538-3419‬ or

Day Out: Want to get your kids out of the house so that you can unpack?  We’ll offer childcare so that you can get your house in order. For more information, contact Anna Wamsted, (334) 538-3419‬ or

Quick Connection:  Please join us for a small group gathering on Sunday evenings. For more information, contact Adam Coppock, (334) 244-1385 or

Bible Studies: On base Bible studies are conducted through Officer Christian Fellowship on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  A Friday night OCF small group is also available for you to connect with other military families.  Contact Tim Tormey for more details