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Joy for Giving-3

Joy of Giving Needs Your Help

Rooftop Friends is planning for our sixth annual “Joy of Giving – Respite Event”. Our respite event will afford the primary caregivers of children and young adults with disabilities, a Morning Free during the very busy Christmas Season. On December 3rd from 9:00 AM until Noon, Rooftop Friends will provide Respite to families with disabilities.

Rooftop Friends is seeking individuals, families, Sunday school classes, and groups to come alongside us to provide quality respite time to our families and their children. Rooftop Friends Respite will allow children, young adults, and their siblings to shop for gifts for parents and other family members at no cost to the families. Each shopper will have an opportunity to shop for a gift, create a card and a name tag for the gift, wrap the gift and package it for the trip to the family home. The shoppers will also have an opportunity to enjoy a craft project, enjoy a snack, sing Christmas songs and hear the Greatest Story Ever, the story of the Birth of Jesus.

Our Respite’s success focuses on the greater community of Rooftop Friends coming alongside us to accomplish this mission. The following new & original packaged items, that are of a monetary value that would normally be associated with a child family member gifting another family member (under $20) are needed for our Respite Event,

• Men’s & Women’s Gift Items (no clothing items that are sized – one size fits all are fine, i.e. scarves, gloves)

• Teen Boy & Girl Gift Items (no clothing items that are sized – one size fits all are fine)

• Baby & toddler gift items.

• Children’s games, toys, and puzzles for ages 4 – 12 years old

In addition to gift items for the shoppers to choose from, we will require an Army of Loving Volunteers at the event.

Each shopper will be paired with a Buddy for the event, the buddy will help the shopper navigate the shopping, gift wrapping, and activities of the morning; ensuring each shopper has a personal “Cheer Leader” to encourage them and focus on their individual needs and enjoyment. We will accept buddies as young as 10 to be paired with younger typical siblings, however, to be paired with a shopper with a disability you must be 15 or older. Each table of gifts will need a Table attendant to engage the shoppers and help them determine an appropriate gift for the individual for whom the gift is intended. The table host will ask probing questions to help our shoppers pick the best gift for their parents and siblings. Table hosts will show different gift items and generally encourage the shoppers in their choices. Table attendants need to be MATURE – and willing to engage the shoppers in conversation.

Rooftop Friends will need a Snack Table Coordinator and Snack Table Attendants (to sit at the snack table and enjoy conversation and fellowship with our shoppers). Our shoppers have many dietary restrictions, so we are asking for donated individual zip-lock bags of popcorn, carrot sticks, apple slices, Cutie tangerines, and mini bottles of water. We anticipate our snack “volunteers” will set up the snack table and be available to socialize with our shoppers while they are enjoying their snacks.

We need volunteers to assist in setting up the shopping venue the day before and cleaning up after the event is completed.

We need volunteers to staff the Craft tables, the Card making tables, and the Gift Tag tables. We also need Gift Wrappers. There is a place for YOU at Joy of Giving, and we need you to come alongside of us during this Respite Time.

Please pray for Rooftop Friends December Respite Event and join us in providing JOY in the lives of families living with disabilities.

Volunteer training will be available for all volunteer buddies prior to the event on Saturday morning. To donate gift items or financial support to purchase gift items, to volunteer to work as a BUDDY or Table Host, or in any other capacity, call, write, e-mail Nancy Burtron C/O Young Meadows Presbyterian Church 5780 Vaughn Road Montgomery Al 36116, 334 819 9090,







Join us as a Sunday school Buddy (Presentation (169))

Rooftop Friends, a Ministry of Young Meadows, is looking for a few good men and women to serve as buddies on Sunday mornings during Sunday school for children with special needs. These are once a month rotations. Buddies will not be required to 'teach' – your primary duties are to stand alongside a child and encourage them during the Sunday school hour.
Qualifications for this position include: a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior; a sense of humor; a compassionate heart; a willingness to share these qualities with a child.  All volunteers aged 18 an older will need to complete a background check and Ministry Safe training videos.
A mandatory training will be offered to all applicants on SUNDAY, August 7th, at 10:15 AM. A make up session will be offered in September for those with “VALID” reasons why they cannot participate in the August training.

Applicants ages 12 and older are invited to apply. Junior buddies ( 8 to 11 years old) are welcome to apply; however, they must have an adult (18 years or older) to train and work with them until they reach the age of 12 years.
Remuneration for this position is priceless, you will receive hugs and smiles on a weekly basis. Additionally, you will be blessed in ways you can never imagine.
Click here to volunteer. Contact Nancy Burtron with questions or to sign up to attend the training.  334 819 9090

Joy of Giving – General Volunteer Application

Joy of Giving – Buddy Application

Joy of Giving – Table Hostess Guidelines

Joy of Giving – Volunteer Opportunities

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