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May 21, 2023

Anatomy of the

On Sunday, May 21, Kevin will begin a summer series on Psalms called "Anatomy of the Soul." This week's sermon will come from Psalm 1.

Meditation Application:

Take 30 minutes of time.  As Richard Baxter recommends- Find a place of quiet. Find a direction for your meditation. Where are you most anxious, unsure, unsteady in your life? Where do you need to change? Where do you want to be a tree planted by streams of waters?

Look up a verse(s) of scripture related to where God wants you to trust him more. Spend 15-20 minutes writing down every insight, every truth, every command you can from this text.

Circle the best three.

Meditate on these insights and truths pushing them into your heart.

Write the answer these three questions (5 minutes) -

  • Rejoice- How can I praise God for what I’ve read?
  • Repent- What sin can I confess because of what I’ve read?
  • Request- What do I need to ask God for?

Now approach God in responding Prayer- responding out of your meditation and the questions (Rejoice, Repent, Request) you’ve just answered (5 minutes).

 Tell me or share with someone else what you learned through the practice of meditation.