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Febuary 18, 2024Ephesians 417-24 Sermon Series FN

On Sunday, February 18, Adam Coppock will continue our sermon series One In Christ and be preaching a message entitled Living a Better Story from Ephesians 4:17-24.

Sermon in a Sentence: Christ has called us to live a better story in His likeness.


  1. Life of Lack
  2. Life of Likeness

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where have you felt the "life of lack" described in this passage when you have lived according to the old self?
  2. How have you been tempted to live according to a competing story rather than God's story?
  3. Describe your experience of coming to Christ and experiencing new life in Him.
  4. How do you see God bearing fruit in your life now as you trust His story?


    *A special thank you to Art By Kevin King of The King’s Canvas for the original artwork used in our background image displayed at and commissioned by Young Meadows.