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fb Up in Smoke

OT: Deuteronomy 8:1-5

NT: Hebrews 11:17-19

“Up in Smoke”: Genesis 22:1-19

I.  Asking the Question Rhetorically

II.  Answering the Question Really

Questions for Discussion:

1.  For context: what parallels do you find in Genesis 12 and Genesis 22?  (For extra credit: what parallels do you find between Genesis 21 & 22?)

2.  What things have you experienced in your life which would lead you to ask, what kind of God is this?

3.  How would you respond to the Christian who says, “like Abraham, sometimes in life God calls us to express radical obedience, even if it violates God’s command”?

4.  What is a type? Can you think of other examples of types from the Old Testament? How might Isaac be a type? How might the ram?

5.  How might this story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac encourage you during the current covid-19 situation we find ourselves in? How might it challenge you?