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November 22, 2020


Call to Worship: Isaiah 41:8-10

Old Testament Reading: Joshua 1:5-9

New Testament Reading: Acts 18:8-10

Jay's sermon, “Advent Before Thanksgiving?” will look at Judges 6:7-24.

I.  Misunderstanding "God With Us"

II. Missing "God With Us”

Questions for Discussion:

1. What’s the earliest you have decorated for Christmas? How do Christmas decorations impact your mood?

2.  Highlight instances throughout Scripture where God promises to be with His people.

3.  What two misunderstandings about “God with us” did Jay highlight from the story of Gideon?  What other misunderstandings about “God with us” do you find people embracing? How have you acted according to those misunderstandings?

4. If an unbeliever asked you to explain God with us, what would you say?

5. If a believer admitted to you that they rationally understand the concept of God dwelling with His people, but they struggle to embrace the reality of it, what would you say?