Every Member Serving (EMS)

We invite our congregation to serve God and His people in various ministries of the church -- serving in an impersonal way to build up His kingdom through Evangelism, Missions, Social Compassion, Prayer, Small Groups, and Family Ministry to children, youth and adults.

We serve the ministries of this church so that we encourage "kingdom living," bringing Christ to the world through prayer, teaching, and Christian principles. Our ministries strengthen our faith and help us to share it with members of our church, our community, and people around the world.

Every Member Serving (EMS)

Our Every Member Serving (EMS) campaign continues year-round to allow all members to select areas in which to serve our congregation. 

Every Member Serving encourages participation in at least one area of your choice -- to engage our congregation in the opportunities for ministry at Young Meadows. Suggested areas to serve are as follows:


Children's Ministries

Children's Special Events

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

Children's Church

Sports Camp 2019

Stepping Stones Memory Work 

Teach Children

Wherever I'm Needed


F.O.L.D. Youth

Legacy Women's Mercy Meals & Condolence

Men's Ministries

Teach Adults

Wherever I'm Needed



Visitor Follow-Up

Welcome Team

Wherever I'm Needed


Prayer & Fasting Team

Wednesday Night Prayer

Wherever I'm Needed

Small Groups

City Bible Study

Growth Groups

Men's Discipleship Groups

Wherever I'm Needed

Social Compassion

Be the Bridge Racial Reconciliation discussion groups

Brewbaker School Partnership

Crisis Pregnancy

Joseph Ministry

Mercy Ministry

Rooftop Friends Disabilities Ministry

Upstream/SSA Ministry

Wherever I'm Needed







Praise Team

Sanctuary Choir

Wherever I'm Needed

Other Gifts & Talents

List any areas you might like to serve in or you might like to initiate at Young Meadows. Please consider the following as well:


* Assisting in the Church Office -- answer phone; prepare mailouts and other materials; assist with light office duties 

* Buildiing & Grounds -- Bush Hog Team; Flower Bed Team; Playground Maintenance; Monday Flower Team; Plant Care Team

* Helping with Wednesday Night Suppers & Other Food Service Events -- Tablecloth laundering; serving food; set up and clean up

* Special Events Team -- Coordinating special events of the church: luncheons, dinners -- decorate, set up and break down events, menus, and publicity