What to Expect

Christian worship is the God inspired response to the glory, wonder and greatness of God through faith in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us. Normally when we think of worship we think of the gathered congregation at worship, but each individual will worship Christ in Spirit and in truth. Worship is an vital activity that comes from God through the heart of the believer and flows back to God. We honor Him His way, in accordance with the Word of God and loving the Holy Trinity with all our heart, mind soul and strength and loving each other as Christ has loved us. God has given us elements of worship like prayer, the ministry of the Word, sacraments, songs, hymns and spiritual songs, the giving of time, talent and treasures to God, and confessing our faith to help us honor and enjoy Him forever.

Our worship first and foremost glorifies God through faith in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Our public worship should both build up believers in Christ and challenge unbelievers to see His glory in the worship and to come and honor Him. As we worship Him together, so we should learn to worship him alone, in our families and in small groups, remembering that in one very real sense, all our lives ought to be a grateful believing response to the glory and praise and worship of God.