Adult Sunday School

All Adult Sunday School classes meet 10:10-10:50 a.m. and welcome guests and new members. For more information on any of the Sunday School classes below, please e-mail

CrossTraining Class

The CrossTraining Class is led by various class members. The class meets in Room 210 of the 200 Education Hallway. 

Hudson Explorers Class

The Hudson Bible Study Class is a group discussion. The class is led by various teachers and meets in Room 107 of the 100 Education Hallway.

Ladies Class

The Ladies Class is led by class members and meets in Room 102 of the 100 Education Hallway. They invite women of all ages -- single or married to join. 

Lamp Post Class

The Lamp Post Class meets in Room 208 of the 200 Education Hallway. 

Round Table Class

The Round Table Class meets in Room 109 of the 100 Education Hallway. 

Short-Term Ladies Class

Meets in Room 211 in the 200 Education Hallway. This class offers short-term Bible study and lessons for Women.

Young Adult Class

Meets in Room 214 in the 200 Education Hallway starting Nov. 4, 2018; led by John Coley.