Legacy Women's Ministry

What is Legacy?

Legacy is the Women's Ministry of Young Meadows Presbyterian Church, part of the Southeast Alabama Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of America.  

What is the Purpose of Legacy?

We want our ministry to reflect the past work of Jesus in his life, death, and resurrection; our present walk with Jesus as we live out the gospel in our relationships; and our desire to pass down gospel truths to future generations. With all of that in mind we chose the word, “Legacy” to reflect our VISION for women’s ministry. We liked it so much that we decided to use it as our NAME also. We like that our name and our vision are the same to remind us to stay focused and be intentional.

Who are the members of Legacy? 

The membership of Legacy of YMPC consists of every woman who is a member of the church. Our officers are:

      President: Rosemary Gulledge

      Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Davis

How can I get involved in Legacy Women's Ministiries?

There are many opportunities for every woman in the church to be involved in Legacy. Here is a short video that explains many of our programs. Below you will find descriptions and resource people who can answer any questions you may have. 




Coordinator: Micki MacCallum



Christian Growth Coordinator: Deana Hodge

Join us on the "City Bible Study" Facebook page for Thanksgiving and Advent devotionals. 

Winter/Spring 2020 Study TBD


Outreach Committee

Coordinators: Ethel Boykin and Palmer Coley


Mercy Committee

Mercy Committee coordinates meals for comfort and condolence by visiting shut-ins and caring for those in need. The Mercy Committee also assists the Joseph Ministry with meals for families during the memorial service and visitation.

Mercy Coordinators are:  Dawn Schaupp, Tiffany Martin, Rachel Grete, Susan Bentley

Special Events

Coordinators: Cathy Jackson, Amy Nunn, LeeAnn Duggar, Kelli Strowd

Greening of the Church: Sunday, November 24 12:15 p.m., at the Church

Game Nights: January 17 and April 17 at 7pm in the Gallery Hall

Legacy Spring Retreat:  February 21-23 at Callaway Gardens.  Save the Date!