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Young Meadows worship service provides a unique blend of elements, mixing modern worship music and instruments with hymns throughout the history of the church. 

Worship Service

Our worship service exists to provide a place for all people to be ROOTED in the word of God and the work of Christ, GATHERED in gospel community, and equipped to be SCATTERED to cultivate the kingdom of God.

1. What does a typical order of worship look like?

Each service begins with a passage of Scripture or song that reminds us of the reason that we’ve come: to worship God in Christ. The service includes music, prayers of confession, forgiveness, and renewal, a sermon, and The Lord's Supper.

2. What kind of music is played?

Though our worship service plays contemporary music using guitars and drums, we refuse to abandon the rich lyrics of classic hymns. We ultimately desire a blend in our choice of music, mixing both sacred hymns with Christian contemporary music.

3. How should I dress?

The answer to that question is probably much more important to you than it is to us. We would encourage you to wear that in which you believe you can worship God. For some in our congregation, that means blazers and ties, but for others, that means jeans and tshirts. 

 4. Where does the worship service meet?

During the summer, our worship service will meet in the fellowship hall while our sanctuary is undergoing some renovations. When renovations are complete, we will move the service back to the sanctuary.

5. Can children worship with their families?

The short answer: YES! We love to have children of all ages worship with us. We provide a sermon passage related Children’s Bulletin, clipboard and crayons that can be picked up at the back of the service to encourage children of all ages to worship.

We do provide a Nursery in Rooms 113 & 114 for children three and under for the entire service. You can find more information here. Some parents find it best for their children to start in the Nursery. Others have their young children remain with them during part of the service, and they head to the Nursery during the Sermon. Other families keep their young children with them during the whole service. Ultimately we want you as the parents to feel free to make this decision based on what works best for your family.

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Click here to listen to past sermons.