Stepping Stones Memory Work

Stepping Stones Memory Work

One of the greatest privileges and responsibilities that we have as parents is to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Although the primary responsibility for education in God’s Word belongs to the parents, we at Young Meadows Presbyterian Church are privileged to assist you in this effort.

The Stepping Stones program of scripture and catechism memory is a helpful tool to teach children about God and His principles. Long after Sunday school lessons are forgotten, scripture and catechism memorized through the years will guide and encourage children in their relationship with Christ.

This course is intended to be taught in the home by the parents. Children love to see their progress, so as your child memorizes each verse or catechism answer, let him/her place a sticker in their book. Once a month your child will bring the book to Stepping Stones Check-Up Sunday (usually the last Sunday of the month) to recite the verses and catechism answers to an adult involved in this program. Small awards will be given monthly to each child as he/she completes the memory work. Special awards and recognition will be given to each child who completes the scripture and catechism memory work assigned for the year. Those teaching in the education program of the church will be encouraging your child to be learning at home and will reinforce and review the verses as time permits.

Stepping Stone books may be obtained from Children's Director Kim Tormey, or you may download and print them by clicking on the corresponding link below.

Baby Steps 1

Baby Steps 2

Stepping Stones Step 1

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